2017-07-02 18:33:10 by PrettyGeek

It may be a bit silly to be excited about this, but, I just wanted to tell y'all that I'm really excited to have 7 fans!
We don't have to tens of thousands of people watching to celebrate.
So...thank you.



2017-04-08 22:37:47 by PrettyGeek

I've taken quite a hiatis and have missed the community here. 
I deeply apoligize for the delay in responding to my dms, it won't happen again.


Hey guys!!  I'd really super appreciate it if you could leave comments/reviews when you leave a rating! It would mean so so much! <3 



RedBubble Sale!

2017-01-09 15:49:22 by PrettyGeek

Hey Prettygeeks!!!

It's a new year and that means NEW ART! It also means that RedBubble is having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale right meow! Check it out-deck your walls, your phone, your body!  The code is: NEWTHINGS20  and  you can access my shop directly by going to  https://www.redbubble.com/people/PrettyGeekChic/shop?asc=u  

Thank You!!!

2016-12-29 14:01:26 by PrettyGeek

I just really want to thank everyone on here that's taken the initiative to view, rate, and comment on my work and wish y'all a Blessed holiday and a very happy New Year!



2016-12-06 20:28:08 by PrettyGeek

I've officially opened up a shop on Redbubble!!!
I researched quite a few different marketplaces, and all of them had positives and misgivings. I chose RB because a number of the positives I saw were unique to it. (And, I'm a pretty big fan of seeing some of my work on clothing - bunny leggings!!!)


Love, PGC